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Baseball Pitching Machines  

Although nothing replaces live batting practice, hitting in the cages or off baseball pitching machines can help improve your baseball hitting.  If looking into purchase a baseball pitching machine for yourself or your team, you need to take several things in consideration.  We have put together a list of things to consider and some other general information to help you find the scooter that works best for you or your team. 


Companies & Prices 

There are a number of different companies that sell pitching machines.  Some of the most popular are Jugs, ATEC, BATA, Hack Attack, and Franklin.  Prices for these machines can vary from as little as $200 to well over several thousand dollars.  The prices variation is attributed to additional benefits including increased speeds, pitch placement consistency, traveling capabilities, options for multiple pitches, and power sources used.  Popular power sources include gas, electricity, and even rechargeable batteries.   



1.  Weight of the Machine.  How heavy is the machine?  Will I need help in carrying it?  How often will I need to move it and how far?  If you have a shed where you can store it at the field, this will be less of an issue.  How ever you will want to make sure if it is kept at the field, it is secure by either being placed in a shed or locked in the dugout with a lock and chain and a tarp over it.  This will help provide it some protection from the elements and make it less likely to be stolen. 


2.  Traveling capabilities.  Does the machine fold up or can be broken down into parts?  Is it designed for easy moving.  Does it have handles, wheels, etc.?  If you will need to transport the pitching machine home or to multiple locations, it will be helpful to get one that is designed for traveling.  Wheels and handles come in handy when you are making your 500th trip. 


3.  Energy source.  Will I need any additional equipment like an extension cord or a power generator to use it?  If batteries are needed, are they rechargeable and do you have the tools to recharge them there at the field?  It is important to think about these things so you don’t end up having to make a run to the store in the middle of practice. 


4.  Performance and consistency of pitches.  Does the machine consistently throw the ball in the area desired?  If not, you may want to consider buying another machine as this is one of the most important features of any pitching machine.  This is where it is best to rely on reviews on that products performance.  Generally, you will find better results at the higher prices and the more established brands.  Also, if you have the money, I strongly endorse arm style pitching machines as these are the closest at getting the arm timing down compared with actual pitching. 


5.  Purchase a pitching screen for further protection.  This is particularly important at the high school level where the hitters can start to really fire back some line drives.  To ensure your safety and to avoid getting hit by a deflection, get a screen that will allow you to put the ball in the machine and allow you to hide behind the machine on the side.  These types of pitching screens are also good because they can also be used for live batting practice by the pitcher or coach.    


These tips should help you find baseball pitching machines that meet your needs.  Just remember to not rely on this pitching machine alone for your hitting practice.  It is a good supplemental tool, but it should never replace actual live batting practice and swinging on your own. 

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