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Baseball Hitting Drills    


All hitters benefit by knowing some basic hitting drills.  Provided you will find a basic plan that will let you get the most out of them.  This plan will not bog you down with numbers (ex. 50 swing to left field).  Instead, it keys on seeing the “big picture” of how this plan will help your hitting.  By seeing the big picture, you can better understand how a specific drill will help your swing.  Here, are our baseball hitting drill tips: 


1.  Start with a batting tee to help your inside and outside hitting.  Use batting tee to practice inside and outside hitting motion.  This is great for adjusting your swing to hit inside and outside.  Step in closer to the tee to practice turning on the ball and step away from the tee to practice hitting to the opposite field. 


2.  Use soft toss to refine your swing further.  Once you have practiced your swing on the tee, practice hitting using soft toss drills.  The other person throwing the balls should help you practice your inside hitting by throwing the ball in front of you.  This will help you turn on it.  For hitting to the opposite field, the person should throw the pitches directly with your body.  This will help teach you to hit it the other way. 


3.  After your swing is refined, use the cages to practice it further.  When, you feel your skills have improved enough here, you can go to the actual batting cage and divide up your hitting where some pitches you pull and others you hit to the opposite field. 


4.  Hit off live pitching to get the complete effect.  By hitting off different right and left handed pitchers and seeing various pitches (fastball, changeup, slider, curveball, etc.), you will be able to develop your swing further.  This type of batting practice should highlight where your weaknesses are and you can adjust your training accordingly. 


By taking a disciplined approach to your hitting, you should see better results over time.  This method of hitting tee thru live pitching works well at refining your swing and should be used again and again whenever problems start to arise in your hitting.   


*Looking for more tips on hitting, give this article a read, Baseball Hitting Aids.

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