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How To Improve Your Baseball Hitting Simply Thru Practice

Much like everything in life, you get better at things the more times you do them. Baseball Hitting is no different.  For this reason, the best baseball hitting advice anyone can give you is to practice your swing.  Mickey Mantle was said to swing the bat at least 100 times a day right handed and then do the same left handed.  Also, modern day players like Barry Bonds are said to swing the baseball bat 500-1000 times a day.  If this strategy works for the pros, it can also work for you.


How to implement this Baseball Hitting Strategy: 


1.  The best strategy is to divide up your swings throughout the day.  After you get up in the morning, take 25 cuts batting from the right side and then take 25 cuts batting from the left side.  (It does not matter if you are not interested in switch hitting, practicing swinging from both sides will allow you to develop your muscles more fully.


2.  Depending on what your schedule will permit, you can either take another 25 cuts each from the left and right side at lunch or just after school gets out. 


3.  Then, take 25 cuts from each side right before or after dinner.


4.  Finally, take 25 cuts from each side right before bedtime.


Over time, you will see your strength grow and should develop a more natural swing. Also, as you get stronger you can increase the number of overall swings.  This is an excellent Baseball Hitting Strategy to follow.    


From here, you can incorporate this repetition principle into other aspects of your Baseball Hitting routine.  For instance, if you do not already practice your swing by hitting off a tee, it is a good idea to acquire a basic hitting tee and a bucket of wiffle balls. The cost is minimal as these two items can be purchased for under $65, but the benefits to your Baseball Hitting can be quite large. A Hitting Tee affords you the opportunity to practice your baseball hitting of inside and outside pitches.  For example, if you have difficulty hitting outside pitches, you can set your self up away from the tee so to practice hitting outside pitches. Over time, you will see your skill improve because of the repetition principle.    


You want to get into the habit of practicing your hitting 5-6 times a week. One caveat: as you start to increase your batting swing repetitions, you will begin to develop blisters and calluses on your hands. This may initially seem like a bad thing; however, these really are badges of honor. They show you are putting in the work on your swing.  There is an old expression in baseball hitting circles which says practice until the blisters bleed. Once you develop hardened calluses on your hands, you will be able to keep increasing your repetitions. 


Bottom line is do not let a lack of access to a batting cage prevent you from practicing your swing.  You want to be like a pitcher who practices his baseball pitching by practicing his pitching motion eventhough there is no batter.  It should not matter whether you have access to a batting cage or not. In the end, all you really need is a baseball bat and a strong desire to improve. 


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