Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed and Hitting Power

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Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power- Facts, Company Profile, Product Description, Customer Comments & Personal Review  

Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power  

Facts & Company Profile 


The Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power is a baseball training program designed by Steven Zawronty.  He was a former college baseball player and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).  These specialists are a group of people who are trained to specifically apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.  Mr. Zawronty is also a baseball instructor as well as runs the website,           


Product Description 


The Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power is a 61 page report that his training program to develop faster bat speed and hitting power.  This program includes many illustrations and a number of pages designed for you to print out and fill in as you go through the program.  This is further supplemented by weight training suggestions to help further the gains of the underlying batting swing routines.  The program is suitable for all ages and ability levels while boasting it can improve bat speed by as much as 8 mph in as little as 6 weeks. 


In addition, to the main course, there are some bonuses included as well.  One bonus discusses aspects of Winning Baseball by covering tips and techniques for mastering the mental side of baseball.  The second bonus covers the Five Tools Baseball Players Need to Succeed In College and Professional baseball.  It covers what the scouts look for and what the average, good, and exceptional numbers are for each criteria like bat speed and pitching fastball velocity.  If you have read enough, you can purchase the product by clicking on this link at Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed and Hitting Power or on the “Get It Now” Button below:  

Customer Comments 


Here, are a few excerpts from customers who purchased the program: 


“After using your bat speed training program, I went from hitting .284 with 17 RBIs as a sophomore to batting .429 with 30 RBIs…as a junior”  Eric Anderson 


"Last year I purchased your publication to Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power. I think it is great.  I asked my son’s coaches to allow him… His coaches would just laugh and thought I was crazy! Well the results spoke for themselves… they don't think I'm crazy now. They asked me to join the coaching staff as the 

team's hitting coach."  Jim Brown 


“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your bat speed program so far.”  Rick Spina 


“I hit my first-ever home run last night…I have a ball game tonight, and I can’t wait.”  E.G. 


“The best advice I have read in 25 years of coaching, thanks!”  N.A. 



Personal Review


There aren’t too many hitting programs out there that will have you come away impressed. However, one that definitely does this is the Steve Zawrotny’s “Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power”. This is a great training program for helping hitters get a faster bat and hit for more power. Perhaps the most important thing about the program is it has been proven to work. Many players have used it effectively to improve their game and, it is scientifically sound by keying on overloading and underloading training. For those who have been following my site, this is another way of using plyometric benefits in your baseball playing. In other areas on this website, I have discussed using weighted baseballs to improve your pitching and Steve Zawrotny’s program offers a similar plan for your hitting. This is great news for all those who are looking to get "quick hands" and hit more home runs. 


However, one of the nice things I like about this program is that Mr. Zawrotny gives you more than just the main swinging program. He also, provides a bunch of extra tips regarding hitting which can be helpful to newer hitters to the more experienced. These range from suggesting the ideal hitting grip and pros and cons of various stances.  Then, he continues to give more value by providing an all inclusive weight training program for hitters. It covers the total body from hands on down to the legs and offers a great way to supplement the main bat swing program and will make you a stronger hitter.  


In addition, to these extras, he also provides a few bonuses that I think are particularly good.  This first is an ebook on winning baseball.  It is heavy into sports psychology which gives you a number of tips that can be used by players.  Some examples of this include positive reinforcement and visualization exercises which encourage players to see the end result first.  This could be something as simple as picturing getting a great hit or throwing a perfect strike.  However, the results of using these tips and exercises has been phenomenal.  It looks like a simple and almost hokey read, but the more you think and use these exercises you will notice their power in improving the consistency of your play.  In this area, simple is definitely good.   


The second bonus is an interesting read on what tools are needed and most common in major league baseball players.  This is a good source of objective and quantitative information on the measurables needed to get the attention of college and professional scouts.  Although it will not directly help you raise your game, it does provide a good measuring stick and an idea of what the major league baseball standard is. 


As you can imagine, I have been thoroughly impressed with this product. It is a straight-forward product that gets results. In addition, the bat swing program and all the bonuses can be had for under $30. This is great news for all those who are trying to get the maximum value while conserving their hard earned cash. Therefore, if you are looking for way to get a faster bat and hit for more power, this is a great program to get.  Here, is a link to the sales page for more information:  

Baseball Program To Increase Bat Speed & Hitting Power 








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