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Rotational Hitting With The Parker Training System – Facts, Company Profile, Product Description, Customer Comments, & Personal Review  

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Facts & Company Profile 


The Parker Training System is a training manual on rotational hitting as taught by Sparky Parker.  Mr. Parker is a baseball hitting instructor with over 23 years experience who runs the website, and listed as one of the top hitting instructors on  In addition, he is one of a small group of people who are certified Mike Epstein hitting instructors who was widely known as being the best hitting guru in the country. 


Product Description


Mr. Parker has put together a powerful report on rotational hitting that is over 50 pages long.  This report is full of illustrations and pictures to help the reader following the points he is trying to make.  A lot of people talk about rotational hitting but Sparky is one of the few to put it into words. 


He points out clearly that the top hitters in baseball all use the same hitting principles and he covers them in his report.  In addition, he provides a number of different drills that can be used to develop and fine tune this hitting style.     

He also discusses the importance of the proper hand grip and how this helps you become a better hitter.  If you have heard enough, the link to get the report is here: The Parker Training System- Rotational Hitting Program  


Customer Comments 


These are short excerpts from a number of players and parents of players who have purchased the Parker Training System: 


“Thank you for this wonderful hitting style.  I have hit to bombs already…”



“Coach, I very much like the new training manual…It can really set a nice foundation that those little guys can use for their entire baseball lives.” 



“It’s a great product.  You are the best educator on rotational hitting – bar none!.”  Lynelle 


“The step-by-step program Sparky has implemented is simple, yet very effective.”  Tim 



Personal Review   


The Parker Training System by Sparky Parker is very impressive and should be a welcome addition to anyone’s baseball hitting library.  One of the most complete reports I have seen on baseball hitting, especially rotational hitting.   


One of the things I like most about this report is the examples he provides and the drills to use them.  It builds on the basic benefits of muscle memory by giving you these drills you can practice again and again until these motions become natural.  In addition, he does it such a way that you gradually build up your skills from starting without a bat in your hands all the way up to live hitting.  The contact drill alone is great drill that every hitter will want to learn.  I wish this was available back when I was playing as it certainly would have helped me become a better hitter for power. 


If you are looking for a way to improve your hitting and get the value of a top hitting instructor on the cheap, this is a great bargain. Here, is a link to the site where you can get this product: The Parker Training System- Rotational Hitting Program.   






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