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Every baseball player dreams of hitting towering homeruns that even a tape measure can’t measure.  For this reason, most ball players are looking for ways to increase their hitting strength or to be able to hit the ball farther.  Here, are few tips to help you start hitting them deep.


1.   Swinging through the ball.  By letting your outer arm swing through the ball, you will find that you can hit the ball 10 to 20 yards further.  Simply practicing this swing will lead to farther hitting distance. 


2.   Practice with wooden bats.  By using wooden bats for batting practice, you increase the likelihood of hitting the baseball with the sweet spot.  This will result in you hitting more baseballs with maximum effect. 


3.   Practice hitting a tire or a hitting a flat basketball off a tee.  These techniques make your arm muscles stronger with concentrated strength training.  This results in power gains in your swing. 


4.   Be picky with your batting practice.  Sadly, most pitching machines do not simulate the correct motion of a pitcher’s arm.  For this reason, avoid using pitching machines that do not have pitching arm as the angle of the pitch will not be akin to a live game.  Instead, focus your training on live batting practice and simply swinging the bat.  This will result in you hitting more baseballs for line drives and with a slight uppercut rather than hitting them into the ground. 


5.   Get stronger arms.  Do anything and everything you can to develop the muscles in your arms.  The two most important to key on are your triceps and forearms. These muscles are used extensively in your swing and help you drive the ball.


6.   Review your swing.    Go to a hitting instructor and find out where the holes are in your swing.  For instance, do you have difficulty keeping your weight on your back foot.  A good baseball instructor will know this right away and can recommend ways to overcome these holes in your swing.  Also, the training aids and devices in this area has increased considerably within the last 10 years.  One can now reasonably expect to be able to rapidly improve their swing with these tools.  By addressing these problem areas, you will add more power to your overall swing and be able to hit the ball farther.


Stronger hitting power can be achieved with a disciplined approach to your training.  Be sure to actively practice these techniques to get maximum effect.  You may not have born with the most strength in the world, but this does not mean that you can’t get stronger and hit with more power. 


*Looking for a basic plan to improve your daily hitting practice, check out Baseball Hitting Drills


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