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Baseball Instruction Tips on Finding the Best Instructor

If you are dead set on becoming the best baseball player possible, there is no substitute for quality baseball instructor.   A quality instructor can save you time, remove bad habits, and get you motivated to play your best ball ever.  


In searching for a good instructor, I would focus on three things (1) baseball experience, (2) individual coaching experience and (3) reputation.   For experience, you are looking for someone who has been around baseball for a number of years as either a player or a coach.   Preferably you want someone with experience at the college level or higher.   If you are trying to become a better pitcher, I would focus on someone with pitching experience.    If it is hitting; then, focus on someone with this type of experience.   The focus should be on whether you feel the person has enough experience to know what they are talking about. 


For individual coaching experience, you are looking for someone who has experience training people your age.   Ultimately, you want someone who is used to conveying his baseball knowledge to an individual audience and has the patience to convey his teachings to you. 


For reputation, I would ask for references or ask around to other baseball players to see who they really liked getting instruction from.   This is important because if you believe that your instructor wants you to succeed and has helped others, it will go along way towards your acceptability of his teachings. 


If you are having difficulty finding an appropriate instructor, contact local select baseball teams, adult baseball teams, batting cage businesses, Baseball Equipment stores or professional baseball teams.   Any of these teams, should have coaches who are knowledgeable in these areas or at least be able to point you in the right direction.  If the high cost is an issue, check out baseball instruction thru unconventional ways



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