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I have previously discussed the importance of finding a good baseball instructor. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to afford to purchase such an instructor’s services.    One way to get around this would be to have you join a group with some of the other players to get a group session.  However, if this still is not a feasible option.  There are other ways to get quality baseball knowledge at a bargain:


1.       Get a library card.    Nowadays, a large number of books can be viewed online from libraries and this means that you will be able to get your hands on a number of baseball training books for free. 


2.       Watch baseball games and look at baseball cards to see the proper mechanics of hitting swing and pitching.  One of the best baseball instructors I ever had used baseball cards to show the proper mechanics of pitching.  Therefore, break out the old baseball card collection and baseball game videos and try to duplicate what you see. 


3.       Consider videotaping your batting or pitching.  The price for video cameras has dropped over the years and this is an excellent tool for you to see what your imperfections may be in your swing and pitching.  You can review your batting and pitching to check on your technique.  In addition, you can now post these clips on the web at a number of baseball training sites.  At these sites, coaches from around the country can take a look at your tape and give you some tips for free. 


4.       Piggyback on a friend’s dime.  If you know of a friend who is getting baseball instruction.  Tell him you will buy him lunch if he shows you what he learned.  


5.       Appeal to Coach’s or former players’ egos.  Ask coaches and former players if they can watch your swing or pitching motion and give you some pointers.  They may be happy to do it because you are treating them like an expert.  You can benefit from this because you can learn from their past baseball experience. 


By trying out these skills, you should be able pick up some additional tips and techniques.  However, do not be surprised if you get conflicting advice.  Since reasonable minds can differ over what is top form, you will find coaches sometimes disagreeing over what is the best advice or techniques to use.  For this reason, your challenge will be to figure out which advice works best for you.  This may take some experimentation, but most players usually figure it out.  Once you do, you should see improvement in your baseball performance.


*To find out tips on how to help a right handed batter hit to left field, read fix right hander hitting to first base line

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