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Baseball Tricks- Unconventional Ways To Raise Your Game   


Although the term baseball tricks can mean many different things, I am using it in conjunction with baseball training.  In this area, it can be used as less conventional ways to help improve your baseball training and improve your skills.  Here, are a few examples of baseball tricks that can help you get results: 


1.  Unconventional ways to develop stamina.   

Some of the best ways to develop stamina are to cross train.  Easy ways to build up stamina prior to the season are to focus on sports that require high aerobic activity like cross country running, basketball or swimming.  Even taking up martial arts or wrestling can be helpful because it combines a combination of quick action and requires relatively high reserves of stamina.  These can be very helpful at tricking yourself into shape because you will be learning something new and the novelty of the new sport will help get you to build up your stamina without realizing it the same way you would if you just set out to go for a jog every day. 


2.  Watch the pitcher pitch to other batters. 

One thing a good hitter will do is size up the pitcher.  Ideally, you want to find out what you can expect from a pitcher in terms of various pitches.  You want to take into account the speed, location, and movement.  In addition, you want to recognize what are the pitcher’s tendencies.  For example, if the pitcher gets ahead with an 0-2 count, does he throw a breaking pitch or if the count is 3-2, what does he throw?  The goal here is to store this information so you can become a better hitter when you are in this situation.  This is also a great strategy for the entire team as you can use this information to work the pitcher.  When this is done correctly, it is one of the best baseball tricks available.   


3.  Strengthen your core for better performance. 

Consider pilates or yoga for better stretching and a stronger core.  It may not seem like the most masculine strength training activity, but this is very helpful because your core is used through many of the common baseball motions whether you are hitting, pitching, and even fielding.  In addition, it is great aid for coming back from an injury where you are unable to do more extensive strength training.  Plus, you should recognize that are plenty of tapes and dvds you can purchase to do these exercises in the comfort of your own home as well. 


4.  You can turn a lot of household items into baseball training aids.   

For example, you can lie turn a large trash can on its side to help with cut-offs by aiming at throwing the ball into the opening of the trash can at home plate.  Another example is using a car tire nailed into the ground to practice your hitting power.  However, make sure it is not reinforced as this is less forgiving on your hands and arm muscles.  Even a heavy frying pan can be used as arm strengthening device.  The key is to recognize that a lack of funds should not limit you from improving your game.  Baseball training aids can be found and made with a little imagination and ingenuity. 


5.  Develop more hitting power with a flat basketball. 

You can develop more hitting power by hitting a flat basketball off of a hitting tee.  This situation creates more stored up energy in your swing as you hit the basketball at the point of contact. 


6.  Improve your leaping ability with a baseball bat. 

A baseball bat can be used for more than just hitting. You can actually stretch out the Achilles and other muscles and tendons in the back of your legs near your feet.  This can be done by stepping partial on the bat by your feet and leaning over trying to touch your toes.  By stretching these muscles, you will notice an increase in your vertical leap over time.  This is because it is a plyometric exercise that puts stress on some of the fast twitch muscles in your legs.  However, just like with all plyometric exercises, you need to be very careful in doing these exercises because there is a greater risk of injury so use caution. 


7.  Tricks to catching the ball in the sun. 

One of the best ways to catch a fly ball in the sun is to avoid looking directly into the sun when the ball is hit.  Instead, try to curve your path where you are looking at slightly at an angle and zero in on the dark spot which is the ball.  Another technique is to use the glove to shield the glare of the sun when it is a line drive.  In these instances, you won’t have time to adjust your path, so you will need to take a guess where you think ball will be and take a stab at it.  Although it takes extra effort to catch the ball in the sun, having a set plan of what to do will yield you better results and make it more likely for you to come down with it.   


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does show some examples of thinking outside the box.  As an aspiring baseball player, you should always be looking for ways to raise your game.  Here, are few baseball tricks you can add to your arsenal to get you that edge you are looking for. 

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