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Baseball’s Best Drills, Tips & Strategies- Facts, Company Profile, Product Description, Customer Comments, & Personal Review   

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Facts & Company Profile 


Baseball’s Best Drills, Tips & Strategies is baseball training guidebook written by Todd Williams.  Todd is has been a little league and youth coach for over a decade.  He has written several books regarding youth baseball and runs the website. 


Product Description


This guidebook here actually comes in two formats an executable file and a huge 191 page pdf document.  Both documents allow you to move to specific sections in the guidebook with a simple click of a button; however, the executable file also has illustrations of the various drills in action.   


His book here focuses on team drills and training designed for aspiring and current youth baseball coaches. Popular topics include team fielding and advice on base stealing, pitching, and hitting.   If you have read enough, you can get the book thru the following link or click the "Get It Now" button: Baseball’s Best Drills, Tips & Strategies.


Customer Comments 


Here, are some excerptions from comments made by people who have purchased the product: 


“Excellent resource for any baseball coach or interested parent.  Thanks so much for sharing your insight!”  Earle Lindfors 


“Baseball's Best Drills, Tips & Strategies is one of the best baseball how-to manuals I've ever seen… The multitude of drills are short and sweet and described in just the right amount of detail…Thanks for doing the baseball community a great favor Todd!”  David Thomas 


“Just a quick e-mail to let you know how much I have enjoyed your book…Thanks for sharing your years of practical knowledge.”  Andy Ricker 


“Your book is excellent for a beginner coach…you have done a nice job of summarizing some key, basic coaching skills.”  Leo Quintero 



Personal Review


Baseball’s Best Drills, Tips & Strategies is a very good tool for new coaches at the lower levels like little league up to high school baseball.  The first thing that stands out about this product is the usability of it.  You can tell it was designed for the customer in mind as both the PDF file and the executable file have links that allow you to jump around to the areas you want to read.  This is a feature that comes in handy as you later go back to the file for follow-ups.  With this said, I believe the executable file is better because you can actually see the drills performed.  These pictures help better grasp what the author is saying and give you something you can print out and take with you to practice if need be. 


Another aspect of the product I like is the fact that it lays out each drill and even gives numbers and distances for throwing, warm-ups, etc.  It has a quality list of throwing and fielding drills which would be valuable to most youth baseball teams.  Coaches will like the variety of options and, I can definitely see how these drills will improve a team’s fielding skills over the course of a season.  For example, I was impressed with the quarterback fly balls drill which shows an easy way you can improve your fielders’ ability to track down fly balls and increase the amount of fly balls the players can go after in a practice.   


Beyond the excellent drills, the rest of advice tends to fall a little flat.  This is not because the advice is not accurate, it just tends to be more generalized baseball knowledge that most people pick up after playing for a few years.  Still, I feel like it does have enough guidance for newer coaches who want a good starting place for their coaching.   


In the end, I think it is a very effective guidebook for youth baseball coaches.  I certainly wish some of my coaches had access to this guidebook as it would have made my practices more enjoyable.  If you are a coach planning on coaching a youth baseball team, this guide will be just right for you.  Click on the link below to get this program or you can also click on the “Get It Now” button: Baseball’s Best Drills, Tips & Strategies.







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