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Facts & Company Profile


Renegade Mindset Techniques For Baseball (RMT for Baseball) is an informational product created by Coach Stephen Ladd.  Its subtitle is “How To Master The Mental Game and be a Peak Performer” and could be summed up by the following tag line:    

Renegade Baseball Psychology Coach Reveals Why Traditional Baseball Psychology is a Joke and What to do Instead. 


Coach Stephen Ladd is also known as the Renegade Mental Coach or a mental game performance coach.  He has an unconventional background to say the least.  He studied under a Zen master in the Far East for just under a year and returned to the United States to start The Human Form Holistic Health, Fitness and Performance Institute in 1994 in Columbus, Ohio.  At this institute, he trained athletes in a number of sports including baseball.  During this time, he realized the benefit of teaching his students the power of Zen to improve their performance.  Based on this experience, he has conducted a number of seminars on these techniques and started the company Renegade Mindset Techniques through the website, and has been promoting the RMT for baseball program from it for over 2 years. 


If you feel you have read enough, click on the following link or the Get It Now button:

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Baseball.



Product Description 


There is the main product and 4 bonuses.  The main product is a 99 page pdf file ebook complete with illustrations.  The RMT program is a sports specific adaptation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EMT) which was developed by a former Stanford engineer, Gary Craig.  Coach Stephen provides you with a basic routine to help you address negative tension and issues you may be incurring while playing baseball.  This routine is further supplemented by providing smaller routines and shortcuts to use when there is not enough time to do the regular routine.  These routines can be easily incorporated into player’s existing practices and utilize Zen principles and practices to help release the added stress and tension in the body.           


Beyond the main product, he also provides four bonuses:   

·          Bonus # 1 – Demands of the Diamond Strength Training Guide  

·          Bonus # 2 – Three Month Membership to  

·          Bonus # 3 - Overcoming Your Fears and Achieving Success in Sports  

·          Bonus # 4 - 120 Days of Email Q & A with Coach Stephen Ladd 


Customer Comments 


“Your RMT book is great…there is a huge difference in my confidence and how I am always in the zone.”  Testimonial of NCAA catcher 


Stephen Ladd’s Renegade Mindset programs for athletes are innovative and powerfully effective. They are on the leading edge of sports performance enhancement…The best thing is that you can start getting results…within minutes of applying his techniques.”  Steve Wells, Psychologist and Peak Performance Specialist 


“…a program for serious baseball players to help themselves be their best and realize their potential…You will be a better baseball player and person for it."   Dave Hilton, former major leaguer


When I discovered these techniques, I found the missing piece. This is the fastest, most effective and easiest way to train your mind like you train your body… It has helped my game and my life tremendously…”  Pat Ahearne, minor league pitcher 


“Stephen Ladd is the future of sports psychology.”  Dr. Eric Serrano, specialty in sports performance 


Personal Review 


I approached this product with a certain level of skepticism.  Whenever I hear words like Zen, energy sources and meditation, I started to feel a little out of my element.  This causes me to be somewhat skeptical as I prefer to stick to things that I have experience in.  This is not to say I am close minded either, I actually have experienced the benefit of using certain visualization exercises so do know of their value.   


At first glance, I was a little surprised at the simplicity of the routine Coach Ladd promotes.  However, as I have started to notice the simplicity of it is part of its benefits.  The routine is really pretty easy to use and anyone can rapidly learn it after just a few minutes.  Although it is currently difficult for me to tell how effective the actually routine is, I am impressed with his strong list of happy customers.  They have already been where I am going so give a great deal of deference to them.  In addition, I do truly appreciate and know of the value of some visualization exercises he discusses.  I personally have seen these work for me so I know they can be effective for others. 


Another nice feature of the program is it addressed the whole process by getting you prepared for your baseball game, addressing issues during the game, and having a routine to follow post game.  This depth of coverage makes for a complete package and allows you to have more confidence in the program as you know no stone has been left unturned.   


With all this said, I have a tempered optimism about this product because of what I think it can do.  As I try these methods further, I will come back and update this review to give a more complete review.  However, currently, I would encourage all baseball players to consider this for the routine it gives you with the knowledge that it has helped many other baseball players improve their game. Use the text link below or click on the Get it Now button to read further or purchase this product: Renegade Mindset Techniques For Baseball.






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