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Baseball Pitching Thru Muscle Memory

The single most important thing a pitcher can do is practice his pitching motion.   A pitcher should get in the habit of practicing this motion 50-100 times a day.   The time should be divided evenly between throwing from the windup and throwing from the stretch.    You do not have to necessarily be throwing the baseball; however, you do need to get your body conditioned to these two pitching motions.  


Your goal is to build up muscle memory so that when the game comes, these pitching motions will become automatic.   During these practice sessions, one should initially only focus on good body control throughout the entire motion.   (One way to help with good body control is to practice the Tai Chi exercise discussed in the Baseball Hitting- Balance article).   At this time, we are not concerned with throwing strikes or really fast pitches.   We are only trying to develop a ritual to the point that your body becomes comfortable with these pitching motions.. 


Once these motions become second nature, you can start to focus on other aspects of Baseball Pitching, such as making variations to these pitching motions, focusing on accuracy, and practicing different types of pitches.  


The ultimate goal is to not have to worry about mechanics during the game.  Ideally, you would like to see this practiced by your team's entire pitching staff.  It is a good baseball strategy for developing a well rounded pitching rotation.  To get information on how to improve your baseball pitching, check out better baseball pitching

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