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Successful Baseball Pitching sometimes comes down to little things.  The right baseball pitching grips can make all the difference in you have a “live” fastball or one that falls flat.  This article is an introduction into this area and will be followed by supplemental articles that look at all the different types of pitches.  Armed with this information, you should have all you need to fine the right combination of pitches for your arsenal.   

Baseball Pitches come in a number of different forms.  The common names are fastball, curve, slider, changeup, splitter, and knuckleball.  Once you get beyond the basic names, you will learn there are a variety of different ways to throw each pitch. For example, a fastball can be thrown as 2 seam or 4 seam fastball.  We will provide some basic examples of each pitch which you can use as a starting point.    


Since everyone is different (different sized hands, different heights, different arm strengths, etc.), the effectiveness of a certain pitch will vary from pitcher to pitcher. Your goal will be to find the one that best fits your profile and so it is a good idea to some experimentation.  We believe the best time to tinker with pitches is in the off-season and not to tinker with pitching during the season.  When the season comes, your focus should only be on developing muscle memory.  For this reason, you can find other articles on this website which focus on developing muscle memory.   


Regardless, of your current level of performance, you can always find new ways to give you an additional edge.   For pitchers, one of the best ways is through experimentation with different baseball pitching grips. 


*To get tips on how to throw a fastball, take a look at fastball




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