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Baseball Pitching Tricks And Variations  


Over the course of my baseball career, I have managed to see a number of tricks and variations that have worked well for baseball pitching. 


Trick #1 

One such pitching technique that is very effective is the Left-Handed pitcher’s pickoff move to first base.   This technique works where the pitcher brings his right leg to first base instead of home and throws the ball over to first.   This technique is very good at picking off base runners or keeping the runners close to the bag.   If you are a left handed pitcher, you should spend time developing this skill.   One technique that can be done to setup a base runner is to be able to have a throw from this technique that is a fast throw and a slow throw.   You then use your slow throw first to setup the base runner and then, your fast throw to pick him off.   Even if you are not able to pick off the runner, you will cause the runner to focus his attention on not getting picked off rather than trying to steal second base.   This type of psychological mind game will allow you to help your team and let you turn your attention to the batter 


Trick #2 

A second pickoff move calls for a little gamesmanship and some help from your teammates.   In this instance, a base runner is on second base and the pitcher turns and does a pickoff move to second base only he does not throw the baseball.   The second baseman pretends the ball goes over his head and the center fielder should act like he is fielding this over thrown baseball.   A base runner who is not alert will start running for third base and can be thrown out by the pitcher on the mound at third. 


Trick #3 

Another trick pickoff move tries to take advantage of some high school baseball players limited focus on the number of outs during a game.   The situation is where there is a runner on third and one out.   It has already been prearranged that if the batter strikes out, the catcher should roll the ball down the third base line and should run off the field like it was the third out.   The pitcher and everyone else should do the same.   The only exception is the third baseman who should go grab the ball and try to tag out the confused runner on third.  


Trick #4 

Finally, another pitching tip for advanced pitcher is to deceive batters by making adjustments in your pitching motion or your routine for certain pitches.   For instance, if you want to make the batter believe a curveball is coming when you are throwing a fastball.   Get your grip of the ball in the glove and start moving your arm around in an exaggerated fashion as if you were changing your grip to throw a curveball.   Another technique is to throw a pitch where you raise your arms over head in your pitching motion if you normally do not.   If you normally bring your arms over your head in your pitching motion, try the pitching motion where you do not raise your arms over year head.   Another example would be to turn your body around more so that more of your back is showing the batter before you throw to home.   Even another example would be to throw three quarters or sidearm in a certain situation where you normally do not throw this way.   Obviously for this type of variation, you will want to practice these techniques.   The goal is to try to keep the batter guessing and surprise them with something they are not expecting.    These variations may seem like little things; however, baseball hitting is a game of timing and if you get the batters timing off, there is a good chance you can force some easy pop ups, strike outs or ground outs. 


With these tricks in hand and a little practice, you are sure to get some easy outs and see your total pitch count drop.   This could lead to you getting a few more winners or having longer staying power in games.   Naturally, these are things that all pitchers are looking for.


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