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Baseball Training Advice: Ways To Improve Your Skills


The better baseball players are always looking for good baseball training advice that shows ways to improve their skills.  They intuitively know that somewhere out there, there is someone working hard to be better than them.  For this reason, they push themselves to find ways to raise their game.  However, for more inexperienced players, they sometimes struggle in finding effective ways to raise their game.  This is unfortunate because there are many ways you can improve your game if you sit back and think about it for a minute.  However, to help you in this process, we have put together a list of areas you could consider: 


1.  Watch the big leaguers.   

One of the great things about cable television is that you can catch several baseball games on any given night during the season.  This can create a valuable learning tool if you allow it to be.  By watching the big leaguers you can start to see certain things they do again and again in their pitching, fielding, and hitting.  Now, not all the habits will necessarily be good ones; however, you will start notice little trends with certain players that you can use and adapt to your game.  One of the best ways to do this is to videotape or tivo a few games.  While watching the games at regular speed, make a special note of anything that you find interesting in their hitting, fielding, and pitching deliveries.  Then, after watching the game, go back and review these certain parts in slow motion.  By slowing down the speed, you can more easily pickup on different things.  Then, go practice and film yourself doing the same things.  Then, go back and compare the two tapes against each other and you should have found a few things you can work on. 


2.   Look for baseball instruction everywhere. 

This means that you start to become a sponge for interesting baseball instruction help.  This means look at videos, dvds, magazines, books, and news articles.  If you do not have time to really look at something, write it down or save the article so that you go back to it at a later time.  The key point here is to soak up all the baseball instruction help you can get from the top level.  Notice I said the top level.  One of the most important things aspiring baseball players need to do is learn to filter out bad baseball training advice.  The easiest way to do this is to consider the source and only accept advice from the outset from the top level coaches, players, etc.  This is not to say you can’t get good advice from other people, it just means you should be more discriminating when considering such advice before making any major changes to your play.  If you are concerned about the cost of getting this type of instruction, consider using your school and public library card for some help and to split the cost of certain items with teammates.  


3.  Invest in direct training early on in the process.
One of the best things you can do is get quality baseball training tips early in your high school career.  By getting top training early, you will be given a set of good standards and tips to follow.  Additionally, this can give you the opportunity to periodically go back for refresher lessons when possible.  The best way to get this instruction is to hire a professional pitching or hitting coach.  Although this will cost some money, it will help save you time and energy in the long run.  Less expensive alternatives include going to baseball camps and instruction leagues where the instruction will be shared among all the players. 


4.  Join the top baseball leagues in your area.  

One of the easiest ways to get better is to play against the best competition.  In this leagues, the players are more dedicated to baseball and will demand you to do the same.  These leagues can be a great way to get top level instruction on the cheap and give you extra motivation to keep improving.  In addition, it creates opportunities to be seen by scouts for the college and the professional ranks.  One thing all aspiring hitters should consider is join a wooden bat league.  These leagues can be very helpful at getting you to keep improving your swing.  Also, do not be concerned about how much playing time you are getting on these teams.  Your goal is to be around top players and learn from them.  You can learn a great deal from the bench if you are willing to look for it. 


5.  Find top players to practice with.   

One thing you can do to help improve your game is find a dependable workout partner to play with.  Ideally, this is someone who will have strong interest in becoming a better baseball player and is very dependable.  For example, you want them to be the type of person who will be able to motivate you to get out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning and go do some long toss or batting practice in the morning.  Another thing you should consider is try to find someone who is a better baseball player than you.  This can help you push your game to get to their level just by practicing with them on daily or weekly basis. 


6.  Set training goals for yourself.   

Goals can be a very helpful tool in helping push your performance.  However, instead of talking about goals like trying to over .400 for the season or win 10 games.  I am talking about training goals here.  These should include weight lifting, running, and goals for improvement in bat speed, arm speed, etc.  You want to set small incremental goals that show that you are making a marked improvement in your physical fitness, foot speed, bat speed, or arm speed.  Setting these goals are good sound goals because they are fairly straight-forward and do not depend on other outside factors.  Instead, you can readily see whether you are swinging the bat faster or throwing the ball harder.   


Baseball training is a process where you normally get out of it what you put into it.   

By using tips like the above baseball training advice, you should be well on your way towards improving your game.   

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