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Baseball Training Sliding  


Baseball Training Sliding methods can vary from one person to the next.  However, we have put together some basic tips that anyone can apply and adjust to their own personal needs. 


1.  Build up a good speed going towards the base.  This is necessary so you have some forward momentum that will propel you during your slide. 


2.  Adjust slide to angle at the opposite side of where the baseman is setting up to take the tag.  For instance, if he is lining up on the right side of the bag (from your view), you go to the left side.  This is to make it harder on him to tag you if it is a close play. 


3.  Begin your slide by placing one leg cross legged under the extended leg.  The extended leg should have the spikes up above the ground to keep from reducing your speed and distance traveled.  Also, do not be concerned about which leg should be extended and which one should be crossed.  Practice doing it a few times both ways and pick the one that feels the most comfortable to you.  For most right handers, the right leg will be extended with the left crossed underneath. 


4.  Practice to determine when is the ideal distance to begin your slide.  Since every runner is different, the time to slide will vary depending on your size, speed, and weather conditions.  Remember if the surface is wet or muddy, you will not be able to slide as far and should make your slide closer to the base than normal. 


5.  Any slide can be adjusted into a hop up slide.  This can be effective as it lets you get quickly back on your feet to run in case of an overthrow or missed played ball by the baseman.  To do a hop-up slide, merely press your extended foot into the base and put the weight of your body on the foot.  You should feel your body literally hop up.  The best idea is to do this in one final motion on your slide.  The forward motion of your slide will help propel you up. 


With these basic tips, you should have a solid baseball training sliding method to practice your sliding.  Feel free to tinker with these steps as every is different and you may find that adjusting it somewhat works best for you. 


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