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One thing every baseball player wants to know is how they can improve their game.  By taking a holistic approach to your baseball career, you should be able to get stronger, more knowledgeable, and a smarter ball player.   Here, are some basic baseball training tips on you can improve your game as early as a freshman in high school.  


1.    Become a student of the game.   Read book, review baseball training tapes, watch games, and pick players’ and coaches’ brains for pointers. 


2.    Practice daily.   Make a point to practice 6 days a week on your hitting and pitching.   You do not have to be doing the same things, but you want to be building up your repetitions so you will naturally do these things in the game. 


3.    Cross-train in off season.   It is ok to take time off from Baseball.   We recommend you play some other sport in the off-season.   The sport should be demanding enough where it keeps you in great shape and you enjoy it.   It also helps if it is something new.   The result of this experience is you come back to baseball with a renewed interest in the sport.   No risk of burnout. 


4.    Get stronger early.   Start using a baseball weight training program.   This will allow you to add some speed to your fastball and a little more power to your swing.   It is best if you start doing this program in the summer between your 8th and 9th grade year.   Then, use this training program going forward. 


5.    Buy Baseball Instruction.   If you get a quality instructor, they will be able to point out a dozen things you can improve on in your delivery or swing.   If you can help it, do not go cheap here as a great baseball instructor is worth his weight in gold.   They will save you so much time and you will know that their advice really is valuable. 


6.    Use a hitting tee.    This simply device of tee ball has helped a number of great hitters improve their hitting.   Be sure to use it to help you learn how to hit the ball the other way or to practice adjustments to your swing.   Its biggest advantage is it does not require a high cost and can be used just about anywhere.   No pitching machine, batting cage, or another player to throw pitches is needed. 


7.    Become more explosive and faster.   Take plyometric training or speed training lessons.   These do not have to be from a baseball instructor.   This area of sports has grown significantly over the years and it can help give you the edge in beating out some ground balls, stealing a few more bases, or tracking down a few well hit fly balls.   You should be able to either take lessons from a sports instructor at any major city or be able to get a basic training program over the internet.   Ideally, you are looking for ones that are going to help you get faster with your first movement. 


Armed with these baseball training tips, you should be force to be reckoned with by the time you are a senior in high school.   Feel free to tinker with each of these examples and do not try to learn everything all at once.   Space it out and allow yourself to become disciplined with each aspect before moving on to another.   These tips may seem a little to obvious; however, they provide a great foundation for improving your overall game.   Other aspects of this website will go into the specifics. 


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