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I know this is a baseball website, but I follow the top toys and games each year as a hobby.  If you have kids, you will know why this is important.  There are a number of great toys and gifts coming out this summer and fall. It is never to early to find out about what is available and start your shopping now.

I believe you will find a great list of quality gifts for birthdays and the holiday season. We have tried to cover a wide range so kids of all ages will be happy and will include things for the grown ups later.  


Remember also that hot christmas toys and the best christmas gift ideas for 2009 sell out very quickly so be sure to order today to avoid disappointment.

Have a wonderful summer and Christmas this year! 


Popular Christmas Gifts Ideas, Great Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas

Great source for the top Christmas Gifts and Ideas for 2009.  Be sure to bookmark this site.

Popular Christmas Gifts Ideas


Candy Bead Studio and Idea l Birthday and Christmas Gift, Candy Jewelry 

Make Your Own Candy Jewelry with the Candy Bead Studio Jakks. 

Candy Bead Studio 


Candy Jewel Factory Oven, Top Christmas gift ideas, Candy Jewelry Factory 

Never has making jewelry been so fun.  The Candy Jewel Factory Oven lets kids make jewelry they can eat. 

Candy Jewel Factory Oven 


Clue Secrets and Spies, Top Christmas board game idea,  

The Clue Secrets and spies is a great expansion of the original game.  One of the best board games available for birthdays, parties, and Christmas gifts. 

Clue Secrets and Spies 


Jungle Safari Design Studio, Great Christmas and birthday idea for young kids. 

The Jungle Design Studio takes arts and crafts to the next level.  Kids and parents love this toy. 

Jungle Safari Design Studio 


Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll, great Christmas gift for young girls,  

The Princess and The Frog will be one of the best Disney movies ever.  The Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll is the best product available from this movie.   

Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll 


Mindflex Game, Move things with your mind, Great Christmas Gift Idea, 

The mindflex game is an original gift that everyone is curious about.  Great for birthdays and holiday gifts. 

Mindflex Game 


Monopoly City Edition, Better Than the Original, Great For Party Nights 

Think they can’t improve on a great old game.  Guess again.  Monopoly City Edition is poised to be one of the best board games for this holiday season. 

Monopoly City Edition 


Ocean Adventure Design Studio, Ideal Summer Fun and Christmas Gift Idea. 

The Printies line has another great printing crafts product.  Ocean Adventure Design Studio is a big hit with the young kids. 

Ocean Adventure Design Studio 


Pet Design Studio, Top Christmas Gift idea, Top Birthday Gift Idea, 

The Pet Design Studio is another hot item from Printies.  These are sure to put a smile on your young child’s face. 

Pet Design Studio 


Pictureka Flipper Game, Top Party Game Gift Idea, Christmas, Birthdays, 

If you liked the original last year, you will love this one.  Pictureka Flipper has all the fun of the original and has some very cool upgrades. 

Pictureka Flipper Game 


Rubik’s Touchcube, Coolest Christmas Gift Idea for 2009,  

Rubik’s touchcube takes the outdated rubik’s cube to the next level.  Cool to see, but even better to play. 

Rubik’s Touchcube 


Transformer Constructicon, Must have Christmas and birthday gift, 

In case you missed it, transformers have made a serious comeback and are hotter than ever.  Perhaps one of the top transformers is the Transformer Constructicon. 

Transformer Constructicon 


Transformers Voyager The Fallen, great gift idea for young boys, 

With the new movie coming out later this month, this is a great gift that all boys will love to have.  Transformers Voyager The Fallen is the big, bad enemy in the movie.  Kids love to do battle with and against him. 

Transformers Voyager The Fallen 


Zippity Learning System, Great Christmas gift for toddlers and young kids 

Technology sure has changed.  The Zippity Learning System will have your young ones dancing to their own beat.  Great for learning and keeps kids active.  I am jealous. 

Zippity Learning System 


Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat, Fantastic Gift idea for young girls and boys  

Another great gift idea from Furreal Friends.  This one just looks great and the little ones will definitely love this one.  It looks just like a cat and behaves like a good one too. 

Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat 


50th Anniversary Barbie Doll, Great Gift choice for young girls. 

50 years of Barbie® have no culminated in maybe the best doll yet.  This one looks regal in capturing all the wonderful qualities of this fantastic brand.  A whole new generation may start loving Barbie® again thanks to this one. 

50th Anniversary Barbie Doll 


Transformers Movie 2 Leader Optimus Prime, Great gift choice for boys 

The new movie is sure to make this toy a hit.  This is a tremendous upgrade from the last one too.  I am an adult and I want this one. 

Transformers Movie 2 Leader Optimus Prime 


Transformers Movie 2 Bumblebee Plasma Cannon, Top Gift Idea for boys 

Another top toy from transformers is this one.  After kids see the second movie, they will really want this toy along with the role play helmet of bumblebee. 

Transformers Movie 2 Bumblebee Plasma Cannon 


Transformers Movie 2 Optimus Prime Role Play Helmet, Great gift for boys. 

Ever want to talk like Optimus Prime?  Now, you can with this toy.  It has the original voice of Optimus Prime too which will match the new movie.  Greatness. 

Transformers Movie 2 Optimus Prime Role Play Helmet 


Transformers Movie 2 Bumblebee Role Play Helmet, Fun gift idea. 

Bumblebee, bumblebee, bumblebee… all the young ones will want to be him after they see the second movie.  Don’t disappoint them. 

Transformers Movie 2 Bumblebee Role Play Helmet 


Transformers Movie 2 Leader Megatron, Bad is good for gifts sometimes. 

The leader of the bad guys has a great looking new robot toy.  It is scary and makes for a great gift idea. 

Transformers Movie 2 Leader Megatron 


Transformers Movie 2 Ultimate Bumblebee, Great gift choice for boys. 

This transformer looks good whether it is in robot form or the cool camaro look.  All kids will wish their parents car could do the things this toy does. 

Transformers Movie 2 Ultimate Bumblebee 


Fisher Price MyToon TV, Another top gift idea for young ones. 

This toy lets toddlers make themselves into cartoon characters.  A great gift idea for the little ones. 

Fisher Price MyToon TV 


Zambi the Baby Elephant, Great gift idea for young girls. 

Furreal Friends® has another great offering this year.  A very life like baby elephant.  However, this one has a special unique benefit to it that separates it from all the other really great Furreal Friends® stuffed animals. 

Zambi the Baby Elephant 


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